In accepting the vehicle described above, I acknowledge that it is your property and it is provided to me on loan subject to the following conditions:

  1. I’m responsible for any traffic offence whilst I am using this vehicle.
  2. I agree to keep and maintain the vehicle at my expense in good condition and repair throughout the period it is in my custody or control and will be reasonable for the initial €5000 euros damage caused to the vehicle during this period. Ask about the Optional Full Protection Insurance Cover known as Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW )
  3. CDW Reimbursement Insurance – Hirer has to pay for any damage/repairs & reclaim monies paid under Insurance Policy Terms & Conditions. Full Policy is supplied.
  4. Drivers must have Full UK/International Drivers Licence for more than 2 years and be from 25-70 years old. Age excess Policy Cost is € 5 euros per day - Ask for details
  5. Optional Protection Insurance Available to UK & EU Residents has been offered to me.
  6. I will be responsible for the cost of repairing punctures, windscreen & exhaust.
  7. The vehicle will only be driven by me, unless additional driver fee is paid at time hire.
  8. I agree to report any damage caused, accidents or traffic violations during this period. 
  9. I am responsible for any fixed penalty offence or contraction in respect of that vehicle under Part II of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 and any penalty charge incurred under the Road Traffic Act.
  10. I will be responsible for parking charges, speeding and traffic violations incurred.
  11. CARS NOT TO BE DRIVEN OFF ROAD/DIRT TRACKS – this will invalidate insurance.
  12. Do, not drive under the influence of Alcohol / Drugs – this will invalidate insurance.
  13. Driving illegally or without due caution – this will invalidate insurance.